Thursday, October 20, 1977

Yanks Revel in Unabashed Adulation

Broadway, for nearly a mile from Bowling Green to City Hall, was a huge smile and triumphal shout yesterday as hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers staged one of the city’s most memorable ticker tape parades to honor the Yankees for their first World Series victory in 15 years.

The city, it seemed, had a future again. Joe DiMaggio, one of the greatest stars of earlier Yankee teams that won World Series titles with apparent ease, caught the feeling on the stage of City Hall. With the banners of the first Yankee championship hanging over the City Hall entrance behind him, DiMaggio, who had become tearful during the singing of the national anthem, reluctantly yielded to requests to say something.

“I hope the players get a good rest and perhaps start another dynasty in New York.”

ex NYT Schumach 10/20/77

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