Monday, October 03, 1977

Link Sought In Killing of Diamond Dealers

Homicide detectives in NYC, Florida and PR widened the search yesterday for connections between the murder of a midtown diamond broker two weeks ago and a number of other cases in which diamond dealers have vanished or been slain.

Pinchos Jaroslawicz, 25, broker (dead)
Haskell Kronenberg, 27, salesman (dead in Key Largo $500K in diamonds)
Abraham Shafizadeh, 31, broker (disappeared on a biz trip to PR, $200K-$300K in diamonds)
Leo Dershowitz, cutter, (killed 3 years ago in PR, $500K in diamonds gone)
Howard Block, 34, Chicago dealer (Killed in PR 3 years ago $200K in diamonds)
Jacqueline Kane, 63,San Juan dealer (killed in San Juan in March)

excerpt from NYT 10/3/77 R. McFadden

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