Wednesday, October 12, 1977

Pipe Bomb Explodes Outside Main Library

A pipe bomb exploded yesterday outside the New York Public Library at Fifth Avenue and 41st Street, and two unexploded dynamite sticks with a ticking timing device were found outside the General Motors building at 59th and Madison.

Police said the design of the device found yesterday resembled one left by the group at 1270 Ave Americas in August. That device also failed to go off.

A stick and a half of dynamite, together with a detonator, were left inside a shoe box inside a wicker trash basket about 25 feet from the main entrance.

A drifter first found the dynamite while searching the basket. For unknown reasons he left one stick of dynamite and the timer in a nearby concrete tree planter. By chance, two FBI agents who were walking by noticed the dynamite and notified police.

The pipe bomb went off shortly after 4 PM in the fountain to the viewer’s left of the main entrance in the library’s east façade.


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