Sunday, October 16, 1977

Yankee Discord

“What was your reaction to Gabe Paul’s statement?” someone asked Martin. “He gave you a vote of confidence.”

“Then I’m fired,” the manager said.

Actually, Gabe Paul had said, “I don’t believe in votes of confidence. In most cases, it is the kiss of death.”

“On any ball club,” Paul had said, “there is only one manager, only one owner and only one president.”

“And his name is George Steinbrenner,” a man responded.

Fitted together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, they make a picture of the best team money could buy, the damnedest agglomeration of clashing egos and battling capitalists that ever contended for the rounders championship of North America.

Ever since Abner Doubleday converted a cow-pasture to unnatural uses, it has been agreed that it took a good team and a lucky one to win a pennant.

Thurman Munson wants to go to Cleveland. Craig Nettles wants to go to San Diego. Mike Torrez wants to go to Boston. Mickey Rivers says he is leaving the team.

ex NYT Smith 10/16/77

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