Tuesday, October 25, 1977

30 New York Policemen Fail Corruption-Complaint Tests

The telephone-caller told the detectiveat the station house that his cousin had been arrested by a police office who then stole $300 from him. A caller to another precinct said that his neighbor, who he believed was a police officers, was selling narcotics.

The two officers who took these telephone calls did nothing about them. Now both – along with 14 other police officers, including a lietenant, five sergeants and eight detectives – are facing disciplinary action by the New York City Police Department as part of its continuing efforts to combat corruption.

All 30 failed an “integrity control test” that they did not know they had taken. Sixty others passed. The test was conducted by Internal Affairs.

In 1973, in the aftermath of the Knapp Comm. Finding of widespread police corruption in NYC, the department received 3,400 complaints in 74 and 75. Last year the number was down to 2,000.

NYT Buder 10/25/77

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