Saturday, October 15, 1977

A Body Is Exhumed in Gem Case To Make a Dental Identification

The charred body of a murder victim resembling a missing NY gem salesman was exhumed today in an effort to make a positive identification.

Photographs of the body and samples of hair had been identified by the victim’s brother, but the exhumation was ordered in an effort to confirm the indentification.

A reinvestigation of the three homicides was ordered this week by Colonel Hector Lugo.

Officials said that they had wanted to wait until next week before exhuming the body, buat they finally acceded to Dr. S-Hakimi’s request after his daylong appeal to them. “I’ve been waiting for two and a half months, why do I have to wait any longer for an answer if this is my brother,” he angrily told police.

Dr. S-H searched for six days here last August, looking for traces of his brother, and said local authorities had never mentioned to him the July 29 victim whose age, height and weight appeared to match his brother’s description.

excerpt from Selwyn Raab NYT 10/15/77

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