Wednesday, October 19, 1977

Delirious Fans Run Wild As Some Violence Erupts

While hundreds of people gasped, and others ran to police officers to lodge complaints, a teenage boy was beaten up at third base by three men wearing blue uniforms. There were conflicting reports whether the men with clubs who hit him were New York police officers or the Stadium’s private security force.

“They sure had a little rumpus over there,” said one hospital employee, “it’s been busy all night.”

Meanwhile dozens of people in the stands who tore out the blue stadium seats were taken away.

“I bet the kids aren’t from the city. Were are they from? Yonkers? They think they can come down here and do this to us.”

At the start of the eighth inning when a Yankee victory seemed assured, cherry bombs and firecrackers began exploding in the stands and on the field. The barrage led Reggie Jackson to don a hard hat for protection.

At the end mounted police were overwhelmed in the effort to stem the tide of roaring fans.

The scene outside the stadium became turbulent as the fans departed. Police chased some fans up 161st Street and curious crowds followed.

The fans stormed out, heading for anyone in pinstripes. Jackson dodged a few and elbowed a few. Nettles swung in self-defense before finding shelter in the dugout.

Reggie Jackson, who wore a hard hat out in right field after a series of cherry bombs made the muscular slugger jump with fear, dashed away from fans as best he could. He bowled one over, chopped another down with a right hand. He ran out of fear.

His quickness impressed Don Sutton who said: “He’s the most valuable player, you bet, and his most impressive move all night was the open field run he made to get to the dugout and escape those crazies at the end of the game. He could help the New York Giants.”

ex NYT Eskenazi 10/19/77

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