Sunday, October 02, 1977

‘Love! Love! Love!’ Cries Pele to 75,646 in Farewell

It was his day and everyone was properly respectful.

Tear welled up in his eyes, and he could no longer stem the flow. He tightened his grip on himself and continued, his words shaking, his voice cracking.

Pele played the first half with the Cosmos, the second half with Santos.

With two minutes left in the first half Pele was awarded a free kick from about 30 yards out. He drove the ball low and hard, a bullet that flashed into the left corner, leaving the goalie sprawled on the ground.

“I die a little bit today. Now I am born again to another life. You see, I stop playing soccer because I want to stop, and that is important.” Everyone but Bugs Bunny was here. (Mick Jagger for example).

ex NYT Kornheiser 10/2/77

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