Wednesday, October 12, 1977

Jeweler’s Body Believed Found

The badly charred body of a murder victim resembling Abraham Shafizadeh, a missing New York City diamond dealer, was been found in Puerto Rico, officials said yesterday.

The body, with numerous bullet wounds, was discovered on a road in a rural mountain town last July 2, the day after the 31-year-old dealer is believed to have arrived in Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican police had appartently not investigated if the unidentified slain man was Mr. Shafizadeh until yesterday, when a newspaper reporter noticed the coincidence between the date of the dealer’s disappearance and the finding of the body.

Another diamond merchant was robbed in Far Rockaway Queens on Monday night ($250,000 in gems). Detectives said they made no arrests in that incident and hand made no significant progress in any of the other cases.

The conclusion of the autopsy was that the victim had been set on fire with gasoline before he was dead. (Doesn’t sound like a straight-forward robbery).

Police officials in Puerto Rico said yesterday that they were uncertain where the body had been buried but that most probably it was a pauper’s grave in a municipal cemetery.

excerpt from Selwyn Raab NYT 10/12/77

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