Wednesday, October 19, 1977

Yankees Take Series; Jackson Equals Mark of 3 Homers in Game

With Reggie Jackson hitting three home runs in three straight at bats, the New York Yankees swept all those family feuds under the rug last night and overpowered the Los Angeles Dodgers, 8-4, to win their first World Series in 15 years.

They won it in the sixth gme of a match that had enlivened both coasts for the last week, and that rocked Yankee Stadium last night as hundreds of fans poured through a reinforced army of 350 security guards and stormed onto the field after the final out.

The last Yankee championship was in 1962 when they defeated the San Francisco Giants toward the end of a postwar reign. And it marked a dramatic comeback from the four-game sweep they suffered last October at the hands of the Cincinnati Reds.

Jackson hit his three home runs on the first pitches off three pitchers, and he became the only man in history to hit three in a Series game since Babe Ruth did it for the Yankees twice, in 1926 and again in 1928.

But nobody had ever before hit five in a World Series – let alone five in his last nine official times at bat – a feat that the 31-year-old Pennsylvanian accomplished during his last three games in California and New York.

This was mainly a night for hitting by both the Yankees and Dodgers – late of Brooklyn – the teams that once produced the perfect game, the dropped third strike and the Subway Series.

In the ninth inning Jackson left for a batting helmet to protect himself in right field.

The Best Bonus for Martin is Presented by the Players

Martin’s day at Yankee Stadium began with a 1:30pm meeting the Paul, the club president, who had called him at his NJ apartment and asked him to come in early. “I didn’t know what he wanted. I wondered who jumped the club now.”
Paul told him he would return next year for the second year of his three year contract and a hefty bonus: $35,000 in cash, a blue Lincoln Continental Mark V that retails for $22,000 and payment of the rent on his $400 a month apartment.

ex NYT Durso 10/19/77

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