Saturday, October 15, 1977

Torrez Stops Dodgers on 7 Hits as Yanks Take 2-1 Edge in Series

Just when people were suggesting that brawling in public would bring them no good end, the New York Yankees put aside their family feuds tonight, overpowered the LA Dodgers by 5-3 and took a lead of two games to one in the 74th World Series.

The Yankees scored three times in the top of the first off Tommy John stunning the largest crowd to pay its way through the turnstiles of the palatial park since it opened 15 years ago.

Not many people here believed that all this success would turn the Yankees into a peaceful, harmonious clan of baseball capitalists. Gabe Paul, the president of the club, even portrayed their latest flap as “another chapter in the tumultous history of the 1977 Yankees.”

They not only defeated the Dodgers’ best pitcher, they moved to within two victories of the championship.

“We’ll go to Yankee Stadium to play,” said Tommy Lasorda, “we’ll go to Fairbanks Alaska. Look, just because a couple of kooks do something is no indication of the overall crowds. (Not so sure about that.) We’re not worried about the fans. It isn’t the guys with the hot dogs who get the hits.”

Dusty Baker tied the score in the third with a home run. This was the Yankees first appearance in Dodgers Stadium since 1963 when they were swept by the Dodgers in 4 games (a few famous Brooklyn players were still on the team).

Yogi Berra said of the Yankees turmoil, “I didn’t see nobody punch anybody yet.”

ex NYT Durso 10/15/77

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