Friday, October 14, 1977

Slain Man Identified As Diamond Dealer

The brother of a missing New York diamond dealer today identified the charred body of a murder victim as that of his brother, Abraham Shafizadeh.

Colonel Sanchez said the police were still trying to “definitely” confirm that the body was that of Mr. S before a decision was made about exhumation.

The police are unsure if this murder and two 1974 murders are linked. The police, however, were known to be looking into a connection between Mr. Acevedo and Robert Jacobs, a controversial jeweler here. Both of them have offices in the same building and Mr. Acevedo is a salaried employee of Mr. Jacobs’. The police have questioned Mr. Jacobs about a reported $100,000 debt he owed Mr. Howard Block, the diamond dealer slain in 1974. “It’s a very interesting coincidence,” said Colonel Sanchez.

excerpt from Selwyn Raab NYT 10/14/77

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