Friday, October 14, 1977

World Series Shifts Across the Continent

The city of Los Angeles; which had already taken the 1984 Olympics and Joe Namath from New York, braced today for another confrontation: the 74th World Seriesm which will resume here tomorrow with the Dodgers and the Yankees deadlocked at one game apiece.

The crowd of 56, 691 in New York for game two was the largest and at times most unruly of the season in Yankee Stadium.

Five young men who had hopped out of the grandstand and run onto the field were chased, ejected and arrested – one in the seventh and four in the ninth. A smoke flare was tossed onto the grass in right-center field and delayed the game until Reggie Jackson picked it up with his glove and fipped it over the fence. And the Dodgers complained that they had been pelted by all manner of flying objects. “Whisky bottles, beer bottles, little rubber balls, they were throwing anything they could get their hands on,” said Mike Garman, who weathered the storm in the bullpen below the left field seats. “The security officers out there were doing nothing. There weren’t enough of them anyway.”
“Ice cubes, fruit, you name it,” said Reggie Smith, the right fielder for the Dodgers. “Somebody hit me with a hard rubber ball, right on top of the head. Ot was like someone hit me with a hammer.”

ex NYT Durso 10/14/77

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