Tuesday, August 02, 1977

Woman Victim Dies As Over 300 Officers Hunt for .44 Gunman

Stacy Moskowitz died in Kings County Hospital Center late yesterday, 38 hours
after she and a 20-year-old male companion were shot early Sunday by the so-called .44-caliber revolver killer who has adopted the name “Son of Sam.”

Her death came three hours after the Chief of Detectives, John Keenan announced that more than 300 detectives and other members of the police force, an increase from 180 before last weekend, had been thrown into New York City’s hunt for the gunman. “She would have been a vegetable had she survived,” said Dr. William Shuchart. Her heart had stopped “at least a half dozen times” during the day.

Neysa Moskowitz said “I hope he suffers the rest of his life. I hope he eats his heart out with a cancer. I would die to see this man punished.”

Excerpt from Peter Kihss Aug 2, 1977 New York Times

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