Tuesday, August 16, 1977

Phone Call to Yonkers Police Had Pivotal Role in Arrest of Berkowitz

During the first week in August, days after the death of Stacy Moscowitz, Mrs. Nann Cassara said she tried to call Yonkers police to tell them she believed David Berkowitz could be the Son of Sam. “With a man that crazy, you just can’t tell,” she said about her suspicions. She said that a detective she described as “rude” rebuffed her and she dropped the matter.

On August 5, the Yonkers patrolmen Intervalllo and Chamberlain gave their information to New York Detective Richard Salverson. This appears to be the first time that the name David Berkowitz was brought to the attention of NY police.

On August 9th Detective James Justus from Brooklyn called the Yonkers police to ask them to contact David Berkowitz who had received a parking summons in the area of the Moscowitz killing. The call was answered by Miss Wheat Carr who reportedly made some comments about her suspicions concerning Mr. Berkowitz and put the detective in touch with the patrolmen. The patrolmen related a series of circumstances that linked Mr. B to the .44-caliber killings. “The detective was so stunned he dropped the phone. The next day they picked up Berkowitz.”

Mr. Carr and his daughter said through their lawyer that they would not consent to an interview on the specifics of their involvement for less than $15,000.

Excerpt from Ronald Smoothers Aug 16, 1977 New York Times

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