Monday, August 15, 1977

Grand Jury in Brooklyn Due To Act Today – Dispute Over Which Lawyer Represents Berkowitz Continues

In recent days, the controversy over Mr. B’s lawyers had developed into a major legal battle that remained unresolved over the weekend as arrangements were being made for the suspect’s expected arraignment in State Supreme Court.

Meanwhile police continued to investigate a report that Mr. B and a unidentified young man had visited a Westchester kennel last Wednesday, hours before his arrest.

Mr. Berkowitz, according to the Daily News, wrote about the use of drugs, such as LSD and morphine, and his refusal to carry a gun in Korea, in letters to Iris Gerhardt, a high school friend.

The paper, back then, was printed in black and white, but the language was more colorful.

Excerpt from Marcia Chambers Aug 15, 1977 New York Times

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