Sunday, August 14, 1977

Another Shooting is Laid to Suspect in “Sam” Case

Following the shootings, Mr. Berkowitz says he drove for two hours through Brooklyn before he parked at Sunset Park, two miles from the scene of the crime. He sat on a bench reading the Sunday newspapers until 8 am. Then he crossed the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan and arrived in Yonkers at 10:30am (??).

His escape by car across the city was accomplished despite the “Code 44” alert the police used to supposedly block all exit routes from Brooklyn.

Berkowitz said he bought the .44-caliber Charter Arms Bulldog revolver in Houston with 100 rounds of ammunition (for $130) for the purpose of returning to New York to commit murders. “I had to get the gun… for my job.” He explained that his job was “killing people.”

On the night of the Moscowitz and Violante shootings, Mr. B sat on a bench in the Bay Shore Park watching Miss M and Mr. V on the swings. He then watched the couple return to their car and waited 10 minutes before he approached and fired four shots. Mr. B said he “sprayed” the vehicle with gunfire.

“I wanted her more than anything.” Meaning that she was the murder target.

Mr. B said that he had visited the park where the young couple was shot prior to the actual attack. On each of these scouting missions he was armed. “I always take that out at night.”

Excerpt from H. Blum Aug 14, 1977 New York Times

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