Tuesday, August 30, 1977

Detective Slain on Brooklyn Call; Partner Kills Man, Shoots Another

A 34-year-old policeman, responding to a 911 emergency call about a man with a gun was killed by a shotgun blast yesterday as he and his partner tried to enter a room in a shabby brownstone house in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.
The partner killed one man in the room and injured another.

The dead policeman was Joseph Taylor. He was the fourth policeman killed in the line of duty in the city this year.

On the first floor at the top of a high stoop (exterior stairs) they approached apartment #4. The door opened and two shots exploded from a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. One blast struck Detective Taylor in the chest. Officer Roy DeSetto emptied his revolver into the room, then grabbed his fallen comrade’s gun and fired it too at five men inside.

Detective Taylor was a field training specialist who was helping train DeSetto who had been rehired after a two year layoff.

NYT 8/30/77

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