Wednesday, August 17, 1977

Berkowitz Pleads Not Guilty in Brooklyn Murder

David R Berkowitz, accused of being the Son of Sam slayer, yesterday retained a new lawyer, plead not guilty to murdering a young woman in Brooklyn last month and informed the court that if he ever went to trial his defense would be insanity.

Mr. Berkowitz, the chunky, blue-eyed mail clerk, wore the same blue and white striped short-sleeve shirt and blue jeans he was wearing when arrested one week ago.

The introduction of yet another lawyer into the Berkowitz case surprised many of the 150 spectators in the courtroom, including, from his expression, the judge.

Victim’s Parents Tell Yonkers They Will Sue

The parents of Stacy Moskowitz, the last victim of the Son of Sam killer, plans to sue the city of Yonkers for $10 million, charging that its Police Department failed to follow up complaints against David R Berkowitz, accused of being the killer.

Excerpt from Marcia Chambers Aug 17, 1977 New York Times

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