Friday, August 12, 1977

The Police Sketch v the Suspect

As New Yorkers scoured the news photographs, searching for the kind of evil in the face of David Berkowitz that they have long expected (they were surprised to find that it wasn’t there – CC). Why, it was repeatedly asked, did the composites not look more like the man taken into custody?

“If the witness tells me that a guy has a carrot growing out of his ear, I’m going to put that carrot in the picture,” said William McCormack, the police officer who drew the sketch of Son of Sam released three days ago. Officer McCormack sighed again. He had to do a lot of this kind of explaining since Mr. Berkowitz was arrested. Only the hair bears resemblance to the latest sketch and whose plumpish face seemed the only link to earlier drawings done by other police artists.

Excerpt from Aug 12, 1977 New York Times

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