Thursday, September 08, 1977

Woman Is Charged In FALN Blast

A 22-year-old woman identified through a fingerprint found at the site of the August 3rd bombing that killed one person and injured several others at the Mobil Oil Building in Manhattan was charged with the bombing yesterday.

The suspect was identified as Marie Haydee Beltran Torres. She and her husband, Carlos Alberto Torres are being sought by the authorities.

Commissioner Codd’s description Mrs. Torres, delivered in a flat tone of voice, was all the more dramatic for its brevity.

“She’s 22 years of age,” he said. “Her present address is unknown, and she is married.”

Police sources say the bomb set off at the Mobil Building’s street level employment offices was concealed in an umbrella placed on the coatrack at about 9:10am. It exploded at 10:42am killing Charles Steinberg, a partner in an employment service.

Chicago police found more than 200 sticks of dynamite and other material in the Torres apartment last November.

NYT Lubasch 9/8/77

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