Tuesday, September 13, 1977

Two Men Arrested For Robbing Elderly

Two young men suspected of numerous attacks on elderly people and charged with shooting a 71-year-old man and pistol-whipping his 70-year-old wife in an attempted robbery last Friday were ordered held on $100,000 bail in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

Frank Marshall, 21, and Curtis Reliford, 20, were implicated in at least 33 attacks on elderly people in Brooklyn and Queens during the last three months.

The assailants in the attacks almost invariably were well-dressed in leisure or business suits and carried pistols – they carried away their loot in attaché cases.

The defendants were seized in a struggle with four police officers in which they allegedly attempted to draw revolvers from an attaché case.

excerpt from NYT 9/13/77 R. McFadden

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