Thursday, September 29, 1977

Police Explain Failure to Find Body

The police said yesterday that they did not find the body of the missing diamond broker late Monday when they visited the office where it was later discovered because they had not been looking for a body. There was no reason at that time to make a complete search and there were no legal grounds for a complete search,” said Keenan. He said he was satisfied that the detectives had performed their duties properly.

A police spokesman said detectives had gone to the office, at 15 West 47th Street, with Mrs. Tal and her attorney, at their request, after Mrs. Tal reported her husband missing. Once there they dusted for fingerprints because a broken door window made them think there might have been a burglary.

“There was nothing extraordinary about the box,” said police spokesman adding that the plastic in which the body was wrapped had presumably kept any odor from escaping.

But chiefly, the police said, they were looking for Mr. Tal, thinking he might have met with foul play or had collapsed. The detectives remained at the site for hours.

excerpt from NYT 9/29/77

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