Thursday, September 22, 1977

Families of ‘Son of Sam’ Victims Stage Demonstration at Hospital

Thirty-five friends and members of the families of two of the victims of the .44-caliber killer stood outside Kings County Hospital and called for revenge. They chanted “We want justice,” and carried signs that read “The rope for Son of Sam,” “Kill Son of Sam,” etc. The hour long demonstration was organized by Eva-Maria Freund, the 20-year old sister of Christine, who was shot to death in January in Queens as she sat in a car with her boyfriend John Diel. Letters were sent to the families of five other murder victims and the seven young people who were wounded but only the mother of Stacy Moskowitz showed up. “It’s an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” said Neysa M, “for those who go around killing for the fun of it.” “I hear voices also and everyone of these people hear voices. My daughter’s voice says ‘I want revenge.’ Would you like to match voice for voice?”

Excerpt from Marcia Chambers Sept 22, 1977 New York Times

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