Friday, September 16, 1977

One of Three Lawyers Withdraws in Berkowitz Case

Mark Heller withdrew from the case following a confrontation between Mr. Berkowitz and his family. The family was opposed to Mr. Heller working on the criminal case.

The feud between Mr. Heller and the other lawyers, Leon Stern and Ira Juitak, erupted yesterday after weeks of behind-the-scenes hostilities.

By all accounts, Mr. Berkowitz as sad to see Mr. Heller go because they had spent more than 50 hours together and the two men had become friends.

The stakes are high for the lawyers. Neither Mr. Berkowitz nor his family are well-to-do. Rather, it is the possible sale of the literary and movie rights in the Son of Sam case that could lead to ample resources for Mr. B to finance his defense.

Excerpt from M. Chambers Sept 16, 1977 New York Times

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