Wednesday, September 21, 1977

Notoriety Haunts Real-Life “Sam”

The most recent and frightening communication was a Sept. 13 letter from Mr. Berkowitz. Arriving in an envelope bearing the name D. Berkowitz and the address of the headquarters of NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation in the upper left-hand corner.

“I screamed at first,” said Wheat Carr (25). “I was angry that he was sitting up there in a prison ward at taxpayers’ expense and still harassing us. Something has to be done.”

The letter, which has been turned over to police, referred to Mr. Carr as “Sam, my Lord,” and “Papa God,” and railed against the family’s Labrador Retriever, Harvey, named by Mr. B as the messenger who told him to kill.

“A lot of people seem to think we were connected with the killings, I mean really connected. People don’t seem to know that for months before he was arrested he had harassed us with letter and anonymous phone calls and we believe he was the one who threw a Molotov cocktail at our house last Oct. 4th. We had been nervous and frightened for months before and in the aftermath were still on edge and emotionally upset.” (Wheat)

The son Michael said people in a bar he frequents couldn’t resist introducing him as the real Son of Sam. It was a bad joke.

The Carrs are also sensitive about suggestions that they are trying to capitalize on their involvement in the case. Miss Carr said that the family was not seeking to “make money off other people’s tragedy and anguish.”

“We think we are entitled to some of the reward money. “

Excerpt from Ronald Smoothers Sept 21, 1977 New York Times

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