Wednesday, September 21, 1977

Strong Thief Lifts Jets’ Weights

A weight lifter without his barbells is like a bagel without lox (a very New York analogy), and that is why Paul Mastropasqua is forlorn these days. M. is the strength coach of the New York Jets and someone stole 4,000 pounds of weights from the Hempstead LI camp.

“Find out who did it,” said Joe Klecko, the rookie defensive lineman, “and sign him up.” M. happens to be the smallest man in the Jets entourage. He is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 153 pounds.

In 1972 he was Mr. New Jersey and the next year finished 10th in the professional Mr. America competition.

NYT Eskenazi 9/21/77

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