Sunday, November 13, 1977

Retired Businessman, 68, Found Slain, Roommate, 63, Injured in a Reported Robbery in Luxury Building

A 68-year-old retired businessman was stabbed to death early yesterday and his 63-year-old roommate suffered head injuries in what the roommate said was an attempted burglary at a third-floor apartment in the Sovereign at 425 East 58th in Manhattan.

He said he had retired at about 7:30pm Friday night and was awakened at 1:30am yesterday by two men, who struck him on the head with a metal instrument and then bound him and left him in one of the apartment’s three bathrooms. He said he managed to free himself and as he crawled out of the bathroom, the burglars seized him and bound him again. Then they fled.

Excerpt from New York Times 11/13/77

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