Wednesday, November 02, 1977

Tapestry Stolen From St. John the Divine

A valuable 17th-century tapestry was stolen and two others were damaged between Monday night and yesterday morning in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

The stolen tapestry, woven in 1661 from a cartoon by Raphael, was one of a set of two hanging over a tomb. The cathedral put the value of the stolen tapestry which measured 7 x 12 at more than $20,000. A detective put the figure at $30,000.

There was a broken window in the basement indicating that the vandals had entered that way. But the police also theorized that the thieves could have been in church Monday evening and hidden there. It was easy for them to leave because all the doors open freely from the inside.

excerpt from E. Perlmutter NYT 11/2/77

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