Tuesday, November 08, 1977

Into Each Life ‘Some’ Must Fall, But Really

And the rains came. In drizzles and torrents, gales and buckets, the rains came, bringing hardship and loss to hundreds and soggy, sodden inconvenience to almost everyone else. It rained cats and dogs, lizards and frogs. Into each life some must fall. Lovely for ducks. Etc.

Swepts by high winds, more than five inches of rain flooded gutters and basements, highways and byways, soaking raiment, swelling streams, stalling cars, slowing trains and closing schools.

On city streets, stranges commiserated. On subways, soaked to the skin, they smiled and shrugged. In the suburbs, high winds and fallen tree limbs toppled power lines. Leaves clogged the drains. And still it rains.

excerpt from Carey Winfrey NYT 11/08/77

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