Wednesday, November 16, 1977

Three Inmates at Rikers Arrested

The police arrested three Rikers Island inmates yesterday, saying that they had been involved in a series of shootings, assaults and shakedowns this year of drug dealers and store merchants in a four-block area in Harlem. The men were charged with murder in the shooting of a man last month. All three had been arrested and held on Rikers Island on other charges since the killing in October.

At least 36 persons have been shot, 17 fatally, in the area between West 145th and West 149th on Eighth and Seventh Avenues this year. Four were shot on three separate incidents on the night of Oct 1.

“These three were members of a stickup gang that robbed drug pushers, operators of after-hours clubs and neighborhood people,” said Inspector Charles Henry.

Excerpt from The New York Times L Williams 11/16/77

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