Thursday, November 10, 1977

Flood Damages in New York Area Put in Millions And Weather Service Sees Chance for More Rain

As the dirty flood waters receded in the city and suburbs yesterday, homeowners and municipal officials began to clean up damages whose costs will run into many millions of dollars.

Mayor Beame flew over Staten Island, the city’s worst hit area and appealed to Governor Carey to declare it a disaster area. 3,000 homes were flooded and 700 had to be evacuated there.

The rainfall on Tuesday set a record totaling7.4 inches. The total rainfall for the storm is now 9.19 inches. The figure was measured at La Guardia Airport, but the Central Park station – although infrequently used because its instruments are often vandalized – is considered the official measuring place.

excerpt from NYT 11/10/77

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Tom said...

The Democrats seeded the clouds.After the senior citizens in Ocean County-fortified with their $500 Homestead Rebate checks;quite a sum in 1977-voted for Byrne in the morning,the skies opened up,keeping the Bateman voters home.As a result,NJ still has an income tax.