Monday, December 19, 1977

A Victim New York Took To Heart Is Now Held for Police in Vermont

Jerry Jenkins, the out-of-town newlywed to who NYC opened its heart after his car had been stolen – and driven on a fatal rampage – on his first night here last Monday, was arrested yesterday by NY detectives on a charge of cashing more than $2,500 in bad checks in Vermont stores.

The Vermont charge and arrest was apparently the direct result of the publicity surrounding the couple. He was booked on a charge of grand larceny.

There was even some question about whether Mr. Jenkins was a newlywed. The Vermont police said he told a bank in Burlington on 10/27 that he was already married then, to the woman who accompanied him here. Police there said they had been unable to find a marriage license. Mr. Jenkins carried a Texas driver’s license.

Jenkins told reporters that a roommate had swiped his checkbook. “The honeymoon is over,” said a policeman as the suspect was led away.

“I thought no one could con New Yorkers,” said Detective Edwin LaRock of the Burlington police.

excerpt from NYT 12/9/77

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