Sunday, December 11, 1977

Vermont Man Still City ‘Guest’ With Changed Status

A Vermont man who, with his wife, had been wined and dined and made an official guest of NYC after the armed theft of his car last Monday night was arraigned in Criminal Court yesterday and held on $1,000 bond for a hearing on
Extradition to Vermont on charges of cashing fradulent checks.

The deputy State Attorney in Chittenden County said he would be charged with cashing more than 10 checks valued at $2,500 when he had only $1.81 in in his account. He could be sentenced up to 10 years in prison.

They also lost their apartment in Burlington where they had been living since their marriage two months ago. The landlord said he evicted them when he heard what happened.

Failing to post bail, Mr. Jenkins was held for the night on Rikers.

Detectives said they thought Mrs. Jenkins had left town.

The Mayor was said to be ‘surprised and disappointed” when he learned about Mr. Jenkins’ arrest.

excerpt from E.P. NYT 12/11/77

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