Saturday, December 24, 1977

Liquor Ban is Sought For Licenseless Club

The New York State Liquor Authority moved yesterday to stop Plato’s Retreat from serving liquor because, it said, the club catered to ‘swingers’ and encouraged secual relations on its premises among its patrons.

Carlo DiResta, an SLA investigator said he visited the club in the Hotel Ansonia with Ann Cronin on Dec. 2 and observed a variety of sexual activity.

The couple received a membership card after paying the entrance fee of $30. He said that three barmaids had served customers from a well-stocked bar, although the club does not have a license to dispense liquor, wine or beer.

There was no charge for the drinks since the club’s policy is to include them in the entrance fee. The club is registered as a not-for-profit organization.

excerpt from NYT 12/24/77

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