Tuesday, December 13, 1977

Case of Boy, 13, on Rampage Cited In Call for Family-Court Judges

A 13-year-old boy who stole three cars, was sent to a shelter and then escaped and went on a wild ride in a fourth stolen car was cited yesterday as an example of “oversights and mishandling” by the juvenile justice system.

The boy ended his “wild and dangerous spree” last Wednesday. Jumping into a car that a garage attendant had just delivered to its owner, the boy sped up Amersterdam Ave, passed a red light at 72nd and narrowly missed hitting several pedestrians.
Commmandeering a private vehicle, officer Lou Salvatorelli caught up with the stolen car at Bway and 75th. The youth ran and the officer found him hiding under a Volkswagon.

excerpt from NYT 12/13/77

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