Thursday, December 08, 1977

Joan Little is Seized in Brooklyn Case

Joan Little, who drew national attention in 1975 when she was acquitted of murder in the death of a prison guard she said had tried to rape her, was arrested early yesterday after a 70-mile-an-hour automobile chase through Brooklyn. Miss Little, 23, had been serving a seven-to-ten for b-and-e in NC.
She escaped a minimum security prison in Raleigh by scaling a fence.

During her 1975 trial, Miss Little, who is black, became for prison inmates, women’s groups, and blacks, a symbol of oppression.

Vernell Muhammad, a former friend of Miss Little told police they could find her a maroon Buick. Muhammad, back in NC, told authorities that he had been in touch several times with her and had visited her in Brooklyn. Last month she told him she was pregnant and that he was the father.

excerpt from M. Seigel NYT 12/8/77

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