Wednesday, June 01, 1977

The strange looks began when he walked into Texaco’s Touring Center in New York City several months ago and asked the man behind the desk to plot a jo

The students told of being robbed and of being solicited for prostitution. They also told of looking out their windows and seeing prostitutes “doing their business,” sometimes “on the tops of cars.”

Crystal Sepulveda, who is 12 years old and in the seventh grade, said she and her friends were approached “lots of times” by men “making nasty remarks.”

“I was at the festival on Ninth Avenue and saw this little old nasty guy trying to touch all the little girls who passed by him, Crystal recalled. “I just started screaming, “Get out of here you pervert,” He just turned red and put his hands up to face and started running away.”

“I yell back at them,” interjected 12-year-old Laura Williamson, a brown-eyed freckle faced girl with shoulder length brown hair. When asked by a reporter what she said, she and the group broke into typical 12-year-old giggles. “I don’t think you want to write that down.”

Many of the Holy Cross students who range in age from kindergarten to eighth grade believe much of the problem of adults’ approaching them is the result of the pornographic movies in the area, many of which feature children their age and younger performing explicit sexual acts with adults and sometimes with animals.

Charlayne Hunter Gault NYT 6/1/77

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