Saturday, June 04, 1977

Brooklyn Man, 34, Held In the Murder of Another Over a Traffic Accident

A 34-year-old Brooklynite was charged with homicide last night in the shooting of a man with who he had become involved in a minor traffic accident.

Detectives said the suspect, George Smurra of Starrett City was a few blocks from his home when his car collided with another on Penn. Ave in East NY.

Both drivers got out of their cars and there was an argument. Mr. Smurra pulled a gun and shot the other driver in the chest, the police said. Three corrections officers in civilian clothing were driving by on their way to work at Rikers Island. Seeing Mr. Smurra getting back in his car and driving off, they gave chase and cornered him, the police said.

excerpt from NYT 6/4/77

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