Friday, June 03, 1977

Beating Victim Questions Justice As Court Frees Alleged Assailant

“Crime does pay, if you’re the criminal,” Salvador Reale said sadly as he stood in front of the Manhattan Criminal Court of 100 Centre Street yesterday with a cast on his right leg and hand and watched as Pablo Gonzales the man who had allegedly caused his injuries walked down the street.

Only minutes before Mr. Reale testified at a preliminary hearing that he had suffered a concussion, torn ligaments of the right leg and hand and a partial loss of hearing in the left ear earlier last month when he came to aid of a police officer who was attempting to arrest Mr. Gonzales.

The incident involving Mr. Reale, Mr. Gonzales, and Police Officer Luis A Troche of the 13th Precinct, occurred on May 5 outside a jewelry store at 14th Street and 3rd Avenue. According to Officer Troche who is in his late 40s, Mr. G and a woman identified as his mother were standing in the doorway of the jewelry store and were asked by the officer to move because they were blocking the entrance.

“Mr. Gonzales said he was having a watched repaired,” Officer Troche said. “When I attempted to go inside the store and check on the defendant’s story,” he punched me in the shoulder.”

During a struggle with the defendant, Officer Troche said, he lost his nightstick and was having a difficult time handcuffing Mr. Gonzales because the defendant’s mother was grabbing his neck. Mr. Reale pushed through the crowd that had gathered and asked the officer if he needed help. “He said yes,” said Mr. Reale. “When I tried to grab Mr. Gonzales, he hit me on the right side of my ear and kicked me repeatedly while I was on the ground.” Mr. Gonzales and his mother, Andrea Jiminez were charged with malicious assault and resisting arrest. Judge Bernard Muldow said the defendant was known to the court because of a prior arrest record but he extended Mr. Gonzales’ parole without bail because he said the defendant had been present during all previous court proceedings and had shown no indication that he would become a fugitive.

excerpt from Lena Williams NYT 6/3/77

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