Sunday, June 19, 1977

3 Killed in Brooklyn As Car Hits Elderly Sitting On Benches

Three persons were killed and eight others were injured when a stolen car (a gold-colored 1973 Buick) went out of control, smashed into a tree and then plowed into a group of elderly citizens who were enjoying the afternoon sunshine yesterday on benches between Avenues L and M on Ocean Pkwy in Brooklyn.

The driver of the car, Ingram Hensel attempted to flee the scene of the accident but was chased and captured by passersby. The area where the accident occurred, Parksville, has a large elderly population. The victims were Blanche Gershbaum, 60, Sarah Berkowitz, 67, and Ida Ribner, 66. Beatrice Rosenfeld, 66, suffered severe head injuries.

excerpt from NYT 6/19/77

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