Saturday, March 19, 1977

2 Holdup Suspects Are Chased Into Police Arms by Bar Patron

The police here (Hackensack NJ) made two easy arrests when an angry bar patron chased two suspected robbers into the arms of a group of patrolmen. Patrolmen Dennis Conroy, Kenneth Soranno and Joseph Furman were preparing to go on duty early yesterday when they heard someone out in the street screaming, “Help,help.” The officers caught Jessie Trusdale,20-years-old and Willie McCain,19, who were grateful to escape the wrath of Dominic Mangano, a Closter NJ contractor who does not like to be interrupted while having a quiet drink, the police said. The police said Mr. T and Mr M had walked into the Commodore Rest here flashed a knife and demanded money. Mr Mangano hit the two men and then cracked their heads together, the police said. With Mr Mangano hot on their trail, the two scrabbled out the door and into the arms of the police, authorities said.

Excerpt from March 19, 1977 New York Times

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