Saturday, March 12, 1977

70 Arrested in an After-Hours Club on West Side

Cries of “Police! Freeze!” stunned patrons into instant silence on the first floor of a lavish New York City after-hours club at 6:30 yesterday morning. The club is the Fish Tank, at 621 West 55th Street, which the police say has been patronized chiefly by pimps, prostitutes and drug dealers. About 30 policemen entered including 6 with shot guns, “so they would know it was a police raid and not a holdup, and wouldn’t get violent,” according to Sgt George Trapp. According to the police, the Fish Tank is one of several after-hours clubs in Manhattan patronized by free-spending pimps and their top prostitutes after their business subsides in the early morning hours. Sgt Trapp estimated that the raid “will put about 400 or 500 girls out of business – at least for the time being – because 10 of the cities most active pimps were among those arrested. About 40 expensive automobiles, many of them Cadillacs, were parked near the building, which is in an industrial area between 11th and 12th Aves.

NYT Asbury 3/12/77

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