Thursday, March 17, 1977

For FBI Agents, New York Heads ‘Least Wanted’ List

Somewhere out there among the 7000 or so agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who are working west of the Hudson and South of Perth Amboy, there are, by actual count, four who have expressed a desire to work in New York City.

This figure is sited with amusement but not much surprise by bureau officials, who also are aware that the roughly 900 special agents in the New York field office, nearly 600 have said in writing that they’d rather work elsewhere.

“We’ve always had problems getting people to work in New York, but it’s gotten worse in recent years,” says one official. “There are agents who like to work there because the best cases are there, but most of them think of it in terms of high taxes and a brutal commute.”

“The biggest gripe here is about the taxes, and that moves people out from under the city tax,” says one longtime agent who wants to stay in Manhattan. “And the other thing, which nobody wants to admit, is that means we’re trapped into using ghetto kids for staff jobs.”

“Everything is major league here: the theater, the football, and the crime.”

NYT Marro 3/17/77

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