Thursday, April 14, 1977

Two Seized as Peddlers of “Walking” Explosives And Other Deadly Item

Two brothers who allegedly offered to sell an undercover Federal agent bombs that “walked,” pens that fired a .25-caliber bullet and other esoteric weapons were arraigned in Federal District Court in Brooklyn. Treasury Department agents said they arrested the two Tuesday night after the brothers had offered to show how well their devices worked by blowing up any parked car outside a bar where the negotiations were taking place.

The agent said he had bought four of the pen guns- which looked more like tire pressure gauges – from the two men for $25 apiece. “They offered them in 100 lots,” he said.

As for the bombs that worked the way moving toys do, a police check yesterday found them to be low-order devices containing shrapnel that could seriously injure anyone close by.

The brothers also were accused of offering for sale small containers, like packages of cigarettes that fired a bullet as well as small bombs equipped with magnets for affixing to an automobile. These, they said, would go off with any sudden movement of the automobile.

Excerpt from April 14, 1977

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