Tuesday, July 19, 1977

Thermometer at 100, Water Pressure Low

New Yorkers withered through the hottest day in 11 years yesterday with the temperatures reaching 100 degrees at 2:55pm.

Water pressure dipped as hundreds of hydrants were opened illegally to cool steaming streets. Hydrants are the main problem, Mr Samowitz said, because without spray caps they can gush up to 1000 gallons a minute. “Look at the fire out there,” he said pointing across the East River to smoke billowing from a blaze in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn where firemen were fighting flames that swept through 23 buildings. “That could be an unimaginable disaster if there wasn’t enough water.” (As if it weren’t an unimaginable disaster already).

March 9 Temps in NYC drop to 25 degrees – lowest ever for this date
March 30 Temps in NYC rise to 79 degrees – highest ever for this date
April 9/10 Temps drop to 25 degrees lowest ever for these dates

excerpt from NYT 7/19/77 David Bird

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