Thursday, July 07, 1977

.44-Caliber Killer Wounds Two In Car Parked on Queens Street

Yesterday’s victims were shot about 3:20am as they sat in a car on 211th Street south of 45th Road, under a large oak tree and beside a white picket fence at a frame house. The shooting took place three blocks from the 111th Precinct House.

Miss Placido, like an earlier victim of the .44-caliber killer is a graduate of St Catherine’s Roman Catholic High School in the Bronx. Valentina Suriani, 18, who was fatally shot nine weeks ago, graduated from the school last year. Miss Placido graduated last Saturday.

When the young couple left the disco, they went to the car of Mr. Lupo’s friend and were sitting there smoking cigarettes for about 10 minutes when the shooting occurred. Mr. Lupo then jumped out of the car and ran to the disco to get help. Miss Placido staggered out and walked to the corner of 45th Road where she collapsed in the middle of the street.

Based on these notes, the police directive said that medical authorities have diagnosed the killer as “a neurotic, schizophrenic and paranoid, with religious aspects to his thinking process as well as hintings of demonic possession and compulsion. He is probably shy and odd, a longer inept at establishing personal relationships, especially with young women.

Mr. and Mrs. Doborowski were asleep inside the two-story framed at 45-39 211th Street and Mr. Lupo’s car was parked at the curb in front of the house.

“You hear firecrackers all the time,” Mr. D said. “And you’re ready to blast somebody. But then we didn’t hear anymore so we turned over and went back to sleep. It was only the calls for help that prompted his wife to go to the window.

Excerpt from Emanuel Perlmutter June 27, 1977 New York Times

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