Sunday, January 02, 1977

Police Blotter

A two-gun pizza parlor owner and the man alleged to have robbed his store were both arrested last night following a holdup at Louis Pizza at 944 Columbus Avenue. The owner, Michael Gritsipis, 44, was arrested because he used an unregistered pistol in attempting to foil the holdup. He had another weapon, which was registered, but he grabbed the wrong one as he struggled with the robber in the store. Michael Cruz, 25, was nabbed by police at St Luke’s Hospital, where he had gone for treatment of a gunshot wound. Gritsipis, whose store had been robbed 3 times in the last year had obtained a permit for a 9 mm Luger. He also bought, but did not register, a .41-caliber automatic. “I wouldn’t be here if I had used the Luger,” he said later, “I used the wrong gun.”

Mike Pearl New York Post Jan 77

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